Wednesday, January 28, 2015

November 2013

The deacons went to the Sand dunes for a camp out.  Byron went with Tanner and Johnathan.  They played flag football and had a lot of fun.  Below Tanner in gray sweatshirt playing. 

We had fun going to the skating park in American Fork.  The boys are really good at going down the hills.  We were having a lot of fun until a boy that wasn't watching where he was going ran into Carter - both were riding bikes - Luckily Carter was fine, but the other bike's tire was ruined.  It could have been a lot worse - thankfully Carter was aware of him coming right at him.

I took Carter and Parker out for pizza when they stopped sucking their thumbs.  We came across some amazing stuff that stopped them within a couple of days.  They were so excited to be done with that part of their life.  Carter in blue and Parker in red.

 My crazy boys - what entertains them simply amazes me at times.  Bradley, Parker and Carter
Carter was the Student of the Month.  What a great kid!
Another creations Camille has made in her floral design class.
We went overnight to a hotel right next to Thanksgiving Point.  We went for a late night treat to Thanksgiving Point.  Carter in orange

Parker and Bradley in the hot tub - Carter below.

 Here is a sample of what we finally came up with for our house colors - it took forever to come up with the finished project.
Camille had a special dinner for the Sterling Scholar kids and their parents.  We had a yummy dinner and they were acknowledged for this awesome award.  Camille got it in Music and rightfully deserves it!  She simply amazes me with her talents.

I went and ate in the cafeteria with Bradley.  He kept on asking me to come in and I finally did.  He was pretty excited.  Here he is with his friend, Timothy.
Tanner is making a long board with the Teachers.  He was excited to have it all cut out.  He then sanded it for a long time outside and started painting it. 
Byron putting together a puzzle with Parker and Bradley.  They were sure excited when it was all finished.

New York City - November 19-22 - Nu Skin paid for us to go to New York - what an awesome opportunity!!! We arrived on Tuesday.  We stayed in a really nice hotel, Grand Hyatt.  We went out and ate at Grimaldi's for dinner and the food was amazing!  I don't think I have ever tasted such great pizza.   We also enjoyed a cannoli for dessert.

That evening we went to Sandie Tillotson's penthouse apartment which is in a very exclusive area.  She is on the top floor of one of the tallest buildings in Manhattan and pretty much has the whole top floor to herself.  Every room has huge windows that show an amazing view.  We could also see the Statue of Liberty in the far distance.  The party was pretty over the top.  We had a lot of food to eat and it was fun to see people that Byron works with.

The next morning - Wednesday - we boarded buses to go down to the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange).  I had been down by there before, but going inside is definitely a different story.  It is so cool!  Nu Skin was able to ring the opening bell so we go there before it opened.  We were taken into a board room and were able to eat breakfast.  We also all got really cool badges.  Byron and all of the Nu Skin employees were able to be on the floor when the bell was rung, but the spouses were up in the balcony area overlooking the floor.  It is like nothing I have ever seen.  I did expect to see papers flying all over the place, but that wasn't the case at all.  The workers seemed really calm and I think everything is electronic so no papers.  We then were led down to the floor and I was able to walk around and talk to some of the workers.  It really was a cool experience!  Afterwards, we left the building and got a group photo outside.  It was cool to see the Nu Skin flag waving in the breeze along with the United States Flag.

Byron with Truman Hunt.  Below Byron is with his two bosses - past and current - Eric Muirbrook and Chris Stubbs.  I really like both of their wives and enjoyed talking with them - Shanna Stubbs and Erin Muirbrook.

We had fun touring the city on our own that afternoon.  We went to Grand Central Station, the Empire State Building, Central Park, and FAO Schwartz.

For dinner we ate at Bond 45.  It was a little more upscale than I am used to.  For the appetizer they brought out a plate with baby octopus on them.  It was pretty gross.  Byron - of course- tried one.  Then we walked about 10 blocks to see "Wicked."  It was amazing and we loved every minute of being together.

The next day we went to the New York Marriott Marquis for the Investor Day Presentation.  This included a really nice lunch and then watching the Presentation.  It was really interesting to watch.  I was so tired that I could barely keep my eyes open - it was quite embarrassing.  I really did learn a lot from it, though.  That evening we were able to see "Cinderella."  What a magical play!  It was really good and the scene where Cinderella changed from her drab clothes into the princess was unreal!
We had an awesome time!  We got these hats for the boys while in New York.  They loved them.  Dad and Mom were so awesome to watch the kids while we went.  
Johnathan, Tanner, Parker, Carter and Bradley
Johnathan had his Board of Review for his Eagle while we were gone to New York.  Dad was so nice to take Johnathan.  We felt bad we couldn't attend, but Grandpa's are next best, right.  He had John Whitehead - the most amazing Scout Leader ever.  What a huge accomplishment!  After we got back, we took Johnathan out to get ice-cream to celebrate.  He was one happy boy!

Camille performed in "Shrek" at the end of November.  We missed her opening night due to being in New York and luckily Jeff, Emily and their family went to support her.  She did fabulous as the Fairy Godmother.  The play was over the top and so well done.  This was the first play that Camille has been in where the play was sold out some of the nights.  It was really good and she did fabulous as always! 

Camille with Lizzy Van Bloem and below Britlyn Hauver

Camille with her best friends - Britlyn and Becca Parr.  Below Camille with Shrek - Thayne Caldwell.  He did such an amazing job!

Our house is slowly turning upside down.  We are getting all new floors in our upstairs along with a new kitchen.  We also are getting the walls all painted in the main living areas upstairs.  Byron put the kitchen on KSL classifieds to see if we can see it along with our old appliances.  We weren't getting our kitchen cabinets in for 1 1/2 months, but had flooring being installed before then.  The cabinets sold within a couple of days and were gone within a week.  It was sure hard having no kitchen sink for 1 1/2 months.  We used a lot of paper products and ate out way too much.  The kids were also amazing at helping take the old flooring out including the staples that were all over the subfloor.  These kids spent hours on the floor getting out staples and didn't let anything phase them.


Carter and Bradley

I enjoy going into Bradley's class for an hour each week.  He is always so excited to see me when I come through the door.  He had his Thanksgiving party and made a really cute turkey.

Thanksgiving day was spent at Dad and Mom Adamson's house.  It was so fun to spend it with them after them living away for so long and never getting to spend this holiday with them (other than last year when we went down to help them pack during Thanksgiving).  Eric Beck joined us for lunch.  It was great to be together.  Allyson and her family came along with Rebekah Jamison and one of her roommates from BYU-Idaho.   

 All of us except for Eric who was taking the picture. (Carter royal blue and Parker navy blue)
We went to Eric's house the next day and spent the night.  We enjoyed playing games.  He was such a great host - he had cereal for breakfast that excited my boys and we had yummy tacos the night before.
We got a Honda Pioneer in October 2013 - we had fun taking family out in it.  For Jeff's birthday, we took him and Emily out to 5 mile pass.  We had a great time together.